Bill Hader as David Bowie
Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Last night Neil Patrick Harris hosted Saturday Night Live and completely owned every host in the past.  Even Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. There, I said it.  But more than that, in one sketch he portrayed David Frost grilling Other People….one of which included Bill Hader as David Bowie.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just happy someone thought to parody Aladdin Sane and reference Starman.  And I’m friggin’ tickled that it was Bill Hader.  But did it have to be so damn Bill Hader as Austin Powers as Aladdin Sane?  For God’s sake, SNL dredge up an old Ziggy Stardust video or two on YouTube!  The man who lived on broccoli and milk for a year and saw the Devil in his pool would not have given that interview.

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References to David Bowie in the Upcoming Watchmen Movie
Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Alex McDowell, the production designer for the upcoming (hopefully sooner rather than later, if Fox doesn’t have their way and screw everything up) Watchmen movie gave a lecture at MIT before Thanksgiving and shared a few interesting tidbits about some set design for Watchmen.  Among other things that are only of interest to Watchmen geeks, McDowell shared some pictures of Dr. Manhattan’s apartment that feature nods to David Bowie and The Man Who Fell To Earth.  For instance, the table tennis room in the apartment was inspired by the same room in Thomas Jerome Newton’s house.  And on top of a table in another scene lays a copy of Masterpieces in Paint and Poetry, but with the production stamped Veidt Enterprises.

After reading this article, I’ve decided that I’m only an Alan Moore purist to a certain extent.  When it comes to giving a bit of character to places that aren’t fully developed, like Dr. Manhattan’s apartment, then I suppose I’m okay with it if the spirit of the story is kept.  And it includes Bowie refences that only the most rabid Bowie fans will spot.  But when it comes to entirely changing stories and characters, or adding new ones for that matter, like V For Steaming Pile….I mean, Vendetta or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen then I reserve a seething hatred that boils my blood whenever I think about it.  Like now.  **thoughts of upcoming Watchmen movie and nerdy Bowie nods** Ah, better.

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Whither the David Bowie?
Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Other than a bunch of name-drops due to the seasonally-appropriate Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy discussions, there has been no David Bowie news worth posting about.  Seriously.  None.  Sure, there was a cover of  “Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy” and a pointless list published by Pitchfork, but those aren’t really worth a post.  So, instead of Bowie news today I bring you a giggle…or a groan (depending on the guilty pleasure or fiery hatred you feel for LOLcats).

That’s the best I have for you today.  If David Bowie doesn’t do something interesting soon, I might have to dredge up other random bits to post about.  Or come up with a rant or rave or something…..

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